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Silvia Ocougne

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Silvia Ocougne, born in São Paulo, Brazil. Studies of Composition at the São Paulo University with Willy Correa de Oliveira and Gilberto Mendes and Guitar with Manoel São Marcos and Paulo Belinatti, among others.

1984 Silvia Ocougne received a full Scholarship from the Brazilian Department of Culture (CAPES) to study „Third Stream Guitar“, Instant Composition, at the New England Conservatory , Boston, USA, where, in 1986 she received a Master´s Degree with Honors and Distinction in Performance.

Silvia Ocougne has been living in Berlin, Germany since 1987, where she has worked as a composer, guitarist and curator in the fields of New, Experimental and Brazilian Music.

„Besides acoustic guitars, she plays all kinds of plucked instruments. Experiment with sounds and tunings, and new unusual ways of playing characterizes Silvia Ocougne´s music. … “
(Guido Henneböhl, Produzent und Musiker)

She has composed many works for guitar and other instruments, for ensembles, as well as interdisciplinary works for Art Installations, Dance, Film and Radio Art Shows.

As a guitarist and composer, Silvia Ocougne has performed in Germany, Europe, North and South America and Asia.
Many of her works have been recorded in CDs.

Silvia Ocougne

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Collective compositions for selfmade and prepared instruments von dem Ensemble „Armchair Traveller“:

Schöne Aussicht, mit Armchair Traveller, 2010 (Staubgold)

The perfect record, with Armchair Traveller (No Man´s Land), 2001

Sample CD „The Berlin Phonogramm - Archiv 1900-2011 in 111 Records“,
Museum Collection Berlin CD 27; 2011,
CD 27 (Live Recording from „Armchair Traveller“ in the Ethnological Museum, 2007 - Stück 40.43° N + 74°), 2012

Compositions and De-Compositions of Brazilian experimental music, collaboration with Chico Mello.

Violão de dois, with Chico Mello (Oaksmus), 2001

Musica brasileira De(s)composta, mit Chico Mello (Wandelweiser), 1996

Collective compositions for selfmade and prepared instruments from the group The XIIIh Tribe

Ping Pong Antropology with the group The 13th Tribe (No Man´s Land), 1993

As a guitarist, in duo with Carlo Domeniconi

Water Music with Carlo Domeniconi (Classic Berlin), 1995