Silvia Ocougne ... Klang.Som.Sound

Kritik vom 19.10.2005

Autor / Medium: Ilu Olonlo, Minoritenkirche

Silvia Ocougne Ilu Olonlo


Music for 12 modified guitars

Guitars Silvia Ocougne

Live Electronic : Christoph Meierhans

In "ILU OLONLO" Silvia Ocougne works with guitars coming from different regions of Brazil and representing various Brazilian musical directions, like cavaquinha, viola do coxo, banjo-bando, or craviola. She adds acoustic and electric guitars, which were modified in different ways and are played as "table guitars" as well as in the traditional manner. The original sounds are first alienated with diverse materials and afterwards rendered on the computer. The then existing sound layers are projected into the room, generating an effect of traditional Brazilian sounds being watched through a magnifying glass or prisms: a reinterpretation by alienation and filtering. Only the process of alienation, the misunderstanding—culturally and aesthetically productive—opens new perspectives on Brazilian music.

Silvia Ocougne comes from Sao Paolo and has lived in Berlin since 1987 where she performs as a musician in the field of new, experimental and Brazilian music. Besides acoustic guitars, she modifies all sorts of plucked instruments. Experiments with sound, with various tunings, and new, unusual playing methods define her music, her play, her handling of string instruments.   Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche