Silvia Okun ... Klang.Som.Sound

Kritik vom 01.10.2001

Autor / Medium: The Perfect Record for the Armchair Traveller“ (Recommended), by Francois Couture, All-Music Guide

This is the first album by (Armchair Traveller), a Berlin quartet. The best known musician here is guitarist (Silvia Ocougne), formerly of "13 th Tribe". Her followers will have no problem relating to "The Perfect Record for the Armchair Traveller". In addition to her typical use of every possible size, shape and preparation of acoustic guitars, one also find in the music her usual playfulness, charm, sense of exploration, and warped ethnomusicological approach. In his liner notes, Matthias Osterwold puts down the big music corporations vision of world music  to propose this instead, music of a new world where tradition and invention meet. In this post-post-modern world of ours, the musicians of "Armchair Traveller" pick up the shards of folk music (elements of African tribal drumming, South-American dance songs, East-European and Asian music) and integrate them to their ingenuity -- modified traditional forms performed on modified instruments……Even though they produce the sounds that make the music, these instruments are not the music itself. …They serve a greater purpose, a set of entertaining, friendly piecesthat strongly evoke the world of Frank Pahl, with a different palette.
„The Perfect Record for the Armchair Traveller“  (Recommended), by Francois Couture,
All-Music Guide