Silvia Okun ... Klang.Som.Sound


Date: 17.10.2009, 20:07

New latinamerican Music for guitar

BKA Berlin and Theater Brandenburg

Date: 20.05.2009, 18:00

Baile da Saudade by Silvia Ocougne

Galerie okbo, Berlin, Backstop

sponsored by the INM-Berlin

Date: 06.02.2009, 20:00

Guitarduo with Carlo Domeniconi

Weinklang, Berlin

Seminars / Workshops

Date: 20.06.2009, 09:24

Seminar Instant Composition

UDK Berlin, Institut für Neue Musik

Other activities

Date: 20.04.2009, 16:00

Artists talk about their creative process, UDK Berlin

Date: 19.04.2009, 15:00

Talk about music and Phychoanalysis, Leopoldo Nosek, Silvia Ocougne

Phsychoanalytic Society Sao Paulo, Brazil